Frequently Asked Questions
1How do I get started?
Send us a message on our contact page and tell us about your campaign.
2How do I make a payment?
Contact us first. We will send an invoice to your email to make a payment
3When do you start promoting my campaign?
We start the same day or the next day after you order one of our plans.
4What makes you different from other companies?
We are real true experts in digital marketing for crowdfunding campaigns. We really helped campaigns get more support and raise more funds. You have to be careful of non legit people or companies who you pay for help and they do nothing. We work hard to achieve more media exposure for your campaign so it can become successful.
5How much time do you need before I order a plan?
If you are in pre-launch mode then we recommend a week before your campaign launches. If you have a live campaign then we recommend as soon as possible but your campaign has to have at least 7 days left.
6Do you accept all crowdfunding campaigns?
We accept most crowdfunding campaigns. Mostly tech, design, gaming, fashion, and film related campaigns. We don't accept adult related campaigns. Contact us before you order if your campaign is not in those categories.
7Do you accept any campaign?
We accept most campaigns but not all. We will review your campaign and make any suggestions that will make it better. If your campaign does not have a video, images, or rewards then it increases the chances of not being accepted.
8What crowdfunding platforms do you promote?
We mostly promote Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns. But we also accept other platforms like Gofundme, RocketHub, etc.
9Which plan should I chose for my campaign?
We highly recommend our most popular plan the Supreme. It increases your chances of your campaign becoming successful. You get more lead referrals that can turn into backers, more media coverage, more social shares, etc.
10Any money back guarantee with your plans?
Yes! If we don't deliver every feature in our plans for your campaign then we will give you a refund. Campaign success varies but once your campaign is accepted we work hard to try to make it a success.
11What happens after my campaign ended?
After you reach your campaign's goal then all the features of the plans can shift over to your website. When a campaign ends, it is the beginning of focusing on driving traffic to your site to either keep raising funds, get more sales, or continue your business.
12Are your plans monthly payments?
Our crowdfunding marketing packages are only one time. We will offer you to use the plans again for your next campaign or website after you see the great work we done!
Real Testimonials from campaign owners that used our crowdfunding services.
    Glenda ShoresJoseph SwansonElizabeth ColemanJeff PaceLori FowlerBryce McnalleyNoexqseDarren HollandClayton PowellAllshookup
  • The Supreme plan helped my campaign reach its goal. Great Team!
    Glenda Shores
  • Great crowdfunding marketing services. I will definitely use it again for my next campaign!
    Joseph Swanson
  • Love the website that the PRCrowdfunding team created for my crowdfunding product!
    Elizabeth Coleman
  • PRCrowdfunding created a great video for my crowdfunding project. A+ services!
    Jeff Pace
  • Very experienced team with Facebook Advertising. Helped me get more backers!
    Lori Fowler
  • Everything delivered as promised. Thank you!
    Bryce Mcnalley
  • Delivered as promised. On time, thorough, and professional. Will definitely use again. Thanks.
  • These guys are legit they are very helpful and as advertised I received the services thank you guys u really helped.
    Darren Holland
  • Outstanding job! PRCrowdfunding delivered each component of the service on time! Fast and accurate … Just the way I like it.
    Clayton Powell
  • Over and above what was expected. Will buy again.