8 Tips on How to Get more Crowdfunding campaign support

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August 28, 2015
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September 13, 2015
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8 Tips on How to Get more Crowdfunding campaign support

Do you want to get a startup capital for your new ventures or projects? Great! Launching a Crowdfunding campaign is the ultimate financial tool for you. This is the process of requesting the general public to support you in raising funds for one reason or the other. However, the process of getting the people who can offer financial backing to support your campaign can be overwhelming. What do you need to do then? Launching your project on a given platform can guarantee you 100% success. Let’s look at the tips that can help you in this:

1. Come up with a valid and solid plan

If you want money to roll in into your campaign then adequate planning is needed. Can posting pleas on social media websites for financial support work? No. a solid plan is necessary before anything else. It goes without saying that if you want to hit your target then you need enough preparation time. For example, a crowdfunding campaign that will raise up to $150,000 will need nothing less than 200 hours in preparation.

However, you need to know that the start is the most important step in you campaign. A strong start will give an easy breakthrough during the later stages. On the other hand, a poor start will spur a series of many problems on the way before your campaign achieves its target.

2. Choose well the platform to use

The platform that you use for your crowdfunding campaign determines the number of people that will support you in raising funds. Therefore, you should never do a mistake in this. Why? Some platforms have a wider reach than others. The wider the reach, the more the people you get and the closer you move towards your target. It is important to choose a platform that is likely to have many of your potential supporters.

A blank presence cannot help you in any way. For example, if many of your supporters are found on Facebook, you cannot forego it for Twitter.

3. Produce high quality Pictures and Videos

Researchers have proven that videos talk louder than empty words. Generally, you will get more traffic supporting your project if you post the pictures of your project on the specific platform that you are using. However, the quality of the video is what counts. A low quality and amateur video clip will make your supporters to have a wrong impression of your project and this will drive them away. This will mean that campaign credibility will be damaged.

It is therefore important to seek for help when building your videos because they will attract or damage the investment. The quality of the video also determines the time that your campaign will take to realize its target. PRCrowdfunding offers video production services HERE


4. Communicate well

Your potential backers need to stay within the loop. Both bad and good news should be communicated in time. If you have any backers near you, you can communicate to them face to face for a better feedback. Alternatively, you can drop a private email in their inbox. Additionally, you can even call them and tell them about your project.

It is important to value the ideas that your backers share rather than looking solely on the share that they donate. Perhaps some potential backers need you to address one or two issues here and there before they can support your crowdfunding campaign. You must provide a legit feedback to increase your chances of hitting your target and getting more supporters.

5. Set reasonable targets

A low target can give you a comparatively high psychological advantage. People are more willing to donate when they see a low target than an unreasonable target. Why? A high target scares people away from your campaign because they tend to imagine that you want to take advantage of the campaign for personal financial gains.

Moreover, a low target gives backers a sense of pride when they hit it. On the other hand, frustrations may come in when the expected target is not achieved. save the embarrassment!

6. Be creative in all aspects

Creativity is the strongest pillar in any crowdfunding campaign. Your rewards, media descriptions, videos and everything needs to be presented in a creative unique way. Hiring more people to promote your project will attract more pledges. Remember, releasing new rewards, adding new videos and adding posts adds creativity to your campaign. Does this have any impact? Yes. It keeps your backers entertained and this attracts more people to support you. Therefore, you should go beyond our imagination.

7. Make your campaign personal

Studies have revealed that people don’t fund ideas. They fund people. What do you need to do then? You need to feature videos that feature your passion and introduce you to the backers. A detailed demonstration on your entrepreneurial spirit to your backers will attract more support later than a mere sharing of ideas.

Additionally, you should introduce your entire team to your potential backers so that they can be aware of the kind of people you are working with in that project. Remember, a strong and disciplined team will attract more supports. Therefore, if you choose “low profile” people to be behind your campaign then they may spell doom to your campaign.

8. Don’t be quick in asking money

It is important to tell the story about your project, share your enthusiasm and the good things about your project before you start asking for money. Note that enthusiasm alone can make people to offer their crowdfunding campaign support naturally without even telling them. Backers are willing to support when they know what they are giving out for.

Note that if your supporters realize that you desperate in asking for their funds without telling them your objectives, they will not be willing to give. This means that you will have less people favoring your crowdfunding.

Final verdict

It is not only difficult to be sure that your crowdfunding campaign will raise a certain amount but also impossible. What are important are the strategies and the secrets that you use. Remember, a well organized campaign increases the chances of hitting your target. Competition for crowdfunding is high. This is why you need to have a solid and creative crowdfunding campaign. Entertain!

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