Perfect digital marketing solutions for your crowdfunding campaign

We made all our crowdfunding solutions affordable and a good deal for getting assistance. We are a team of experts that came together to provide the best crowdfunding PR and marketing services.

It is less expensive to use our services than to directly use a PR distribution company, a consultant, or other agencies. We love helping campaigns on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and more. We are waiting for you to contact us about your campaign!


  • Crowdfunding marketing & promotion
  • A new website for your project
  • Leads and backers for your new campaign
  • A new press release with distribution
  • and so much more...



A campaign will fail without any marketing or promotion. Our plans are more affordable than other agencies that charge $3000+ upfront and up to 30% of your funds raised. Our packages have the same features as the more expensive agencies. You shouldn't have to give up a big percentage of your funds raised. Use the extra funds for growing your project!


Choose one of our plans and add extras

First you can contact us to chat about your campaign and our crowdfunding solutions. Choose which plan to start with. Packages start at only $399!

If you need extra solutions for your campaign like web design, pay per click advertising, management, and more then add it on to your plan.

Lets chat about your project

Are you preparing to launch a new campaign or do you have a live campaign? Hurry up and contact us for a FREE consultation!

Why use PRCrowdfunding or a Crowdfunding Marketing Agency?

Well whether you are on live campaigns at Kickstarter, Indiegogo or other crowdfunding platforms, you must have thought about a better and faster way for you to reach the goal. Crowdfunding marketing agencies are the way to help you with that goal. If you have been wondering about this days and nights, you surely need a few weighing points to help you make the right call.

Get a Consultation

You know what they say; an apple a day keeps the doctor away but what if an apple isn’t enough? That means you still need a visit to a doctor. When your campaign is suffering and needs treatment, you can take it to see the crowdfunding marketing agency.

The moment you sign up for the agency, they will instantly help you analyze the details and make full evaluation of your campaign; understand your ideas, find the weaknesses and try to come out with the solutions. These solutions that they have thought will be presented to you in elaborateness. Not only that, the consultation will stay as your guidance throughout the campaign to ensure full support. Being a part of this process, you can learn and use it for you future reference.

Stand Out From the Competition

Often times, you might find yourself disappointed because the campaign does not reach its goal or accidentally befriended a tortoise on the way to the goal post. Surely, this is not a great picture. It is a picture worth six words; crowdfunding is not an easy task.

Extremely remarkable ideas are not a guarantee for a successful campaign. There are currently 7 billion people in the world. You know what this means? It means competition. How are you to stand out from 7 billion people? I know that not all the 7 billion people are running the campaigns but it doesn’t change the fact that you do have competitions.

Well, having competitions are fine because it is healthy. That said, you still need to win and that is what the crowdfunding marketing agency is for; to help you win. They set out to make you stand tall and proud from the rest of the crowd. This agency possesses some sets of skills that will turn strangers to become backers. Trust is earned and not just by telling people you have a great idea. It requires hard work to interest, convince and retain their trust for your campaigns to succeed. By using the service of the crowdfunding marketing agency, you can expect a more stable result. Read more at our blog CLICK HERE